About Zeal

Founded in 1888
    We strive to remain as faithful to our roots as possible. Integrity, honesty, quality and high level of
    service. Laid down by its original founders, the Zeal name stands as much for these values now as
    it did at its inception.
Based in
     London, SW19, United Kingdom for the past 113 years.
Worldwide trade
     In over 25 countries through a network of distributors who in turn reflect similar values.
Over 130 Years Experience
     Means that we are able to offer reliable products against a background of knowledge that is difficult to
Quality Assured
     To BS EN ISO 9001:2015 which is your guarantee of this proud boast and a measure of how seriously
     we take our commitment to you, the customer.
Product range
    So when it comes to Thermometers, Hydrometers, Hygrometers, Flowmeters or Pressure Gauges,
    you can be assured that they all carry the Seal of approval from a fine pedigree.
    If you want the genuine article, ensure you purchase through Genuine Zeal distributors, or contact
    us directly for advice.

    12 months against faulty workmanship and materials.