GH Zeal manufacture and supply a multiplicity of different thermometers for general purpose, industrial, and scientific use, from standard wall thermometers to instruments for specific applications, with conventional or digital displays. The product range is constantly being updated and here you will find a selection of those available. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us - our 125 plus years of experience is your guarantee of satisfaction.
Tel: +44 (0)20 8542 2283 

GH Zeal Manufacture and Supply Thermometers in the following catagories:

- Laboratory Thermometers
- Specification Thermometers; ASTM Thermometers, IP Thermometers, British Standard Thermometers
- Safety Blue Thermometers; ASTM Thermometers, IP Thermometers with safe non-mercury fill
- Medical Thermometers / Clinical Thermometers
- Max/Min Thermometers; Thermometers which record Maximum and Minimum Temperatures
- Wall Thermometers; Various wall Thermometers
- Digital Thermometers; Various Electronic Thermometers
- Infrared Thermometers
- Dial Bimetal Thermometers
- Bimetal Thermometers Industrial
- Pool Bath Thermometers; Dipping Thermometers, Floating Thermometers
- Tobacco Barn Thermometers 

Please select the relevant Thermometer Catagory from the above.

Current Featured Zeal Thermometer Products: