Gas Flowmeters

Wet Test Gas Flowmeters from GH Zeal Ltd. Drum Type Gas Flowmeters.

Zeal Gas Flow Meters (formerly Alexander Wright) are designed for a wide variety of applications where ease of use and accuracy is essential.
They are tolerant of a multiplicity of gases, require very little maintenance, and cover flow ranges from as low as 5 litres per hour to 9000 litres per hour.
Because of the high accuracy of our wet test gas flowmeters these meters are often used as secondary reference standards for audit purposes. Shaft encoders and Digital Decoders are available as optional extras.
Typical areas of use include: Gas fired appliance testing, Petrochemical – Refineries and Offshore, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Medical Research.
All Zeal Wet Test Gas Flow Meters are supplied as standard with Single, or Seven Point Calibration Certificates traceable to National Standards.

We also offer full calibration, service and repair options for existing wet test gas flowmeters. Please contact our sales office for further information.
Tel: +44 (0)20 8542 2283 


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