Thermofocus Non-Contact Clinical Thermometer

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Thermofocus Non-Contact Clinical Thermometer


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Additional Information


  • Designed for use in hospitals, airports, schools, factories
  • Uses totally harmless and safe infrared technology
  • 9 memory function
  • Used and recommended by clinicians
  • Patented global technology, accurate & hygienic
  • FDA approved

The Zeal Thermofocus uses totally safe infrared technology to instantly read the core body temperature at the forehead, navel or armpit. Taking the temperature at the forehead temporal artery is considered to be as accurate as rectal readings and more accurate than those taken at the ear tympanic membrane. The thermometer is non-invasive, hygienic, and non-irritating to babies and patients.

Body temperature is measured by pointing the Zeal THERMOFOCUS® thermometer at the centre of the forehead. The right distance between the forehead and the thermometer for a correct measurement is easily determined by the LED system emitting two light beams (normal red light which is totally safe). As the thermometer is moved closer to the forehead, at the right distance (approx. cm 3) the two beams converge to form a single red spot on the skin of the forehead. Release the button and keep still the thermometer for less than one second until the lights flash and the temperature appears in the LCD display of the thermometer.  There is no need to be concerned if the aiming lights are pointed into the eyes of the patient as the beams are absolutely harmless.

If the patient (i.e. a child) is moving, crying or has a perspiring forehead, it is possible to take the temperature aiming the thermometer either on the navel or the neck, just below the ear where the jugular vein is situated.

The Zeal Thermofocus® 01500A/H1N1 non-contact thermometer is specifically designed for use in hospitals, airports, schools, factories, etc. in case of emergency and/or pandemic situations. The thermometer is quick, accurate and easy to use, allowing hygienic temperature readings to be taken. It is provided with the MQCS technology (Manual Quick Calibration System), allowing the thermometer to be perfectly stabilized to the ambient temperature for accurate measurements. The thermometer is supplied with a special lanyard with brief instructions.

In addition to body temperature, Zeal Thermofocus can take the temperature of other objects such as baby’s bottle, bath water or food. When used to take readings in other areas of the body such as the legs or feet, it can help a doctor to detect circulation problems, inflammations and even infections in open wounds when compared to other similar areas.

The thermometer meets or exceeds the accuracy tests according to ASTM E standards within +/-0.2°C (+/-0.4°F), and is FDA approved. It can be set to either Fahrenheit or Celsius readings and is more hygienic than ear thermometers as it does not touch the patient.