Tank Dipping Thermometers

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Tank Dipping Thermometers


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Product is not available online. For more information on purchasing this item contact our sales office on the number below:

+44 020 8542 2283

or email scientific@zeal.co.uk

Additional Information

IP/ASTM Tank Dipping Thermometers
Mercury - Glass Engraved Scales Mounted In Wooden Case With Non-Sparking Handle And Cup.
Supplied singles

◄ Thermometer is Red Spirit filled.
◄◄ Thermometer is also available as new non toxic Safety-Blue type - suffix order code /SB

Order Code IP/ASTM Reference Purpose Range Divisions Order Code Refill only
P1600 IP48C Tank Low -38/+30°C 0.5 L5030
P1601 IP49C Tank Medium -15/+40°C 0.5 L5032
P1602 IP50C Tank High +10/+65°C 0.5 L5034
P1603 IP51C Tank Heated Fuel +35/+120°C 0.5 L5036
P1604 IP52C Tank Bitumen +90/+260°C 1.0 L5038
P1605 IP5C Tank Cargo 0/+80°C 0.5 L5040
P1606 ASTM58C Tank -34/+49°C 0.5 L5188
P1607 ASTM58F Tank -30/+120°F 1.0 L5189
P1608 ◄◄ ASTM59C Tank -18/+82°C 0.5 L5190 ◄◄
P1609 ◄◄ ASTM59F Tank 0/+180°F 1.0 L5191 ◄◄
P1610 ASTM60C Tank +77/+260°C 1.0 L5192
P1611 ASTM60F Tank +170/+500°F 2.0 L5193
P1612 ASTM97C Tank -18/+49°C 0.5 L5251
P1612A ASTM97F Tank 0/+120°F 1.0 L5252
P1613 ASTM98C Tank +16/+82°C 0.5 L5253
P1614 ASTM98F Tank 60/+180°F 1.0 L5254
P1615 ◄ WHITE OIL 300mm - -10/+35°C 0.5 P1535 ◄
P1520 SPARE CASE ONLY - - - -