Recording/Printing Thermometer

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Recording/Printing Thermometer


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Note: The stainless steel penetration probe P1007/P needs to be ordered
with the thermometer P1007

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Recording/Printing Thermometer


Stainless Steel Penetration Probe


Spare Roll Printing Paper


The ‘Delivery Temperature Recorder’ printing thermometer was specifically designed for use in the food industry to
assist with HACCP and health and safety legislation. It is also very useful in the food supply chain where regular checks are required for chill cabinet produce, fridges and freezers, providing a printed record of each temperature measurement. Print functions can be activated from the keypad or a button on the handle of the stainless steel food quality penetration probe to provide evidence of whether a delivery should be accepted, or rejected, against pre-programmed temperature limits. Programmable limits can be set for i.e. chilled, ambient or frozen foods by the user via the software supplied with the unit. The software additionally enables the user to personalise the printed copy with the company name, address and logo. The temperature recorder displays and accurately records temperatures over the range of -40 to +150°C with a 0.1° resolution and high system accuracy of +/- 0.5°C.