Optika XDS-2 Inverted Microscope

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Optika XDS-2 Inverted Microscope


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Additional Information

Complete package with phase contrast and photo tube

- All inclusive system with a full series of objectives, translating stage, 22mm. eyepieces, phototube adaptors, stage accessories, filters and dust cover
- Optical system: Infinity corrected, 45mm. parafocality distance F.O.V. 22mm.
- Ergonomic design adjustable head to compensate to operator height (XDS-2 ergo)
- Trinocular head: 30º inclined, 360º rotating; interpupillary distance 48 – 75mm.; adjustable dioptric compensation; ergonomic height compensation option
- Eyepieces: Extra wide field EWF10x/22mm.; eyeglass compatible
- Nosepiece: positions with bi-directional rotation on ball bearings and click stop
- Objectives (supplied): LWD infinity corrected Planachromatic: 4x 0.10 (W.D. 18mm.); phase contrast 10x 0.25 (W.D. 10mm.); phase contrast 20x 0.40 (W.D. 5.1mm.); 40x 0.60 (W.D. 2.6mm., corrected for 1.2mm. cover glass)
- Supplied with blue and green filters (for brightfield and phase contrast)
- Specimen stage: 250 x 230mm. Translator with lowered ergonomic coaxial controls. X-Y translation: 119 x 70mm. Interchangeable metallic inserts for various
slides, dishes
- Focusing system: Macro- and micrometric regulation, with coaxial knob on both sides of the stand; adjustable friction
- Condenser: Long working distance condenser, N.A. 0.30, W.D. 72mm. The condenser can be removed to increase the W.D. to 150mm.
- Illumination system: 6V / 30W halogen precentred illuminator, with adjustable intensity, filter and phase ring holder and field diaphragm
- Photography: CCD: via M-778 adaptor; Digital: digital camera via DIGI adaptor; OPTIKAM direct to photo tube; Reflex 35mm. : via M-064 and T/2 adaptors. NOTE: Cameras adaptors are not supplied with microscope but have to be ordered separately if required
- Overall dimensions: Height: 473mm. (to eyepieces: 390mm.); Depth: 515mm

Ordering information:

Ordering information: 
Optika XDS-2 Inverted Microscope, complete package as above 
XDS-2 ergo
As per XDS-2 but with ergonomic head (adjust to user height) 

Micrometer eyepiece EWF10x / 22mm. 
26 X 76mm. micrometric slide; range 1mm., div. 0.01mm. 
40x LWD plan achromatic objective, PH40x 
Phase ring for PH40x (M-774) 
Photo tube adap tor for SLR camera 
CCD camera adaptor
6V / 30W halogen bulb 
Fluorescence attachment, HBO100W, B & G filter sets 
5 Megapixels(up to 8MP) HD digital camera set with optical adaptor, cables and measuring software