Max/Min Alarm Thermometer

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  • Max/Min Alarm Thermometer

MAX/MIN Alarm Thermometer


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GH Zeal has a wide range of High-precision thermometer instruments to monitor refrigerators, freezers, blood banks, incubators and ovens as well as climate chambers. 

They are available with, or without, a Works Certificate of Compliance, or a Works 3 point Calibration Certificate traceable to National Standards. UKAS 5 point Calibration Certificates are also avalable.

Please contact our sales office for further information:
Tel: +44 (0)20 8542 2283 

Additional Information

Indoor/Outdoor Fridge/Freezer thermometer Sensor mounted in an unbreakable plastic bottle, filled with Ethylene glycol mixture Supplied with instructions and Certified temperature.

Sold singles:

P1027 Max/Min Alarm Thermometer  Range -50/+70°C & °F  Certified Temperature +4°C
P1028 Max/Min Alarm Thermometer  Range -50/+70°C & °F  Certified Temperature +0°C