Labnet VX-200 Vortex Mixer

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Labnet VX-200 Vortex Mixer


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Additional Information

- Variable speed from 0 – 2850rpm
- Choice of ‘touch on’ or ‘continuous on’ control
- Optimised counterbalance enables the vortex mixer to be lightweight and stable during operation
- Small footprint (140W x 160D x 130H mm.)
- Weight: 2.2 kg.
- Safe for cold room or incubator use
- Supplied with CombiCup standard head for one or several tubes
- Choice of 7 accessory tops


Ordering information:

Ordering information:  
Labnet VX-200 Vortex Mixer with CombiCup head to vortex one or a group of tubes
Optional heads:    
S0200-21 Head attachment for 24 x 1.5/2.0ml. tubes, 24 x 0.5ml. tubes and 32 x 0.2ml. tubes (or 4 tube strips)  
S0200-22   Head attachment for 1 x microplate or 64 x 0.2ml tubes or 8 x 0.2ml. tube strips  
S0200-23  Head attachment for 8 x 15ml. and 8 x 12/13mm. dia. tubes  
Headattachment for 6 x 50ml. tubes                                                                                                     
S0200-25   Head attachment for 12 x 1.5/2.0ml. tubes, held horizontally  
S0200-26   Head attachment for 4 x 15ml. tubes, held horizontally    
S0200-27 Head attachment for 2 x 50ml. tubes, held horizontally