Labnet Revolver 360 sample mixer

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Labnet Revolver 360 sample mixer


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Additional Information

- Complete 360° rotation
- Adjustable 0 - 90° mixing angle to enable tubes to be mixed vertically, horizontally or at any angle in-between
- Interchangeable rotisseries accept tubes from 1.5ml. to 50ml. and each rotisserie is split into two halves. Each of the halves can be exchanged to mix more than one type of tube at the same time. Each rotisserie half can be rotated from a centre point on the shaft
- Rotation speed is fixed at 20 r.p.m.
- Ambient temperature range: +4°C to 65°C (cold room and incubator compatible)
- Compact to economise bench space (239W x 127D x 153H mm.; 2.0 kg.)
- Moulded housing and unique rotisserie design make it easy to clean and decontaminate
- Tube capacity:
         - Standard – 36 x 1.5/2.0ml. tubes
         - (H5600-02 rotisserie, supplied with Rotator)
         - H5600-15 rotisserie – 10 x 15ml.conical tubes and 16 x 5/7ml. tubes
         - H5600-50 rotisserie – 6 x 50ml. tubes
         - Maximum load: 800g.


Ordering information:
Labnet Revolver Mixer supplied with rotisserie to hold 36 x 1,5/2.0ml. tubes 
H5600-02 Rotisserie to hold 36 x 1.5/2.0ml. tubes  
Rotisserie to hold 10 x 15ml. conical tubes and 16 x 5/7ml. tubes                                                              
Rotisserie to hold 6 x 50ml. tubes