Labnet Prism Aircooled and Refrigerated Microcentrifuges

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Labnet Prism Aircooled and Refrigerated Microcentrifuges


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Additional Information

- Prism has unique Multi-Flow air cooling technology
- Prism R has powerful refrigerated system and Quick-COOL: reaches 4°C in just 8 minutes and maintains 4°C at maximum speed
- Powerful, maintenance free, brushless, induction motor drive with high speed up to 15,000 rpm. / 21,200 x g (Prism) or 13,500 rpm. / 17,135 x g (Prism R)
- Accelerates to maximum speed in under 16 seconds and decelerates in 18 seconds
- Unique, solid aluminium, 24 x 1.5/2.0ml. tubes rotor design: easy access design for quick access to microtubes; domed rotor lid for tall screw cap and spin-prep tubes
- User-friendly programming: all adjustments are made from one ergonomic control knob; quick-COOL option (to 4°C in 8 minutes)
- Large LCD display: view actual speed, tempe rature and remaining spin time at all times; set and view speed in both rpm. or RCF
- Extremely quiet: noise level with compressor on is just 56 dBA; rotor is capable of running without lid at just 58 dBA
- Imbalance detection system with automatic shut-off
- Quick Spin button for momentary operation
- Special hinged lid design – no more lid slams!
- Compact design: smallest design on the market at 277 mm. wide and 21 kg. with rotor (Prism R)
- Versatility: optional StripSpin Adaptor available for PCR strips or 0.2ml. tubes; optional adaptors for tube sizes from 0.2ml. to 0.6ml.
- Reliability: Two year warranty , including parts and labour; over 25 years of experience in centrifuge manufacturing


- Speed range: Prism - 500 to 15,000 rpm.; Prism R – 500 to 13,500 rpm.
- Maximum RCF: Prism - 21,200 x g.; Prism R - 17,135 x g.
- Temperature range (Prism R only) : -10°C to +40°C
- Timer: 0.5 to 99 minutes or continuous. ‘Quick’ button for momentary operation
- Dimensions: Prism - 240W x 350D x 190H mm.; Prism R - 277W x 450D x 248H mm.
- Weight: Prism - 9.6 kg. (10.6 kg. with rotor); Prism R - 20 kg. (21 kg. with rotor)
- Electrical: 230V / 50 Hz

Ordering information:

Labnet Prism Microcentrifuge with 24 x 1.5/2.0ml. tubes rotor and domed lid, 230V 
Labnet Prism R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge with 24 x 1.5/2.0ml. tubes rotor and
domed rotor lid, 230V 
StripSpin Adaptor for 2 x PCR strips or 16 x 0.2ml. tubes 
Individual adaptors for 0.5/0.6ml. tubes (pack of 6)
Individual adaptors for 0.4/0.25ml. tubes (pack of 6)
C1222 Individual adaptors for 0.2ml. PCR tubes (pack of 6)