Labnet FastPette PRO Pipette Controller

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Labnet FastPette PRO Pipette Controller


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Additional Information

- Ergonomic design for exceptional comfort
- LCD display for speed, modes and battery status visualisation
- Easy access to the battery compartment
- Easy maintenance
- Two position charging stand
- Designed for cordless work with glass or plastic pipettes from 1 to 100 ml.
- Dual speed aspiration range
- Blow-out or gravity delivery choice
- Pressure sensitive trigger buttons for fine control over aspiration and dispensing rate
- Rechargeable NiMH batteries for 8 hours of continuou    s use
- Fully autoclavable nose piece, pipette holder and filter
- Non-return valve in pipette holder to stop accidental liquid entry
- Disposable, autoclavable filter is easily available (Pall Gelman, 0.2μm. or 0.45μm PTFE)

Ordering information:

P2002 Labnet FastPette PRO pipette controller with two position charging stand, additional PTFE autoclavable filter 0.2μm,  universal power supply  


P2023 PTFE autoclavable filter, 0.2μm (pack of 5)  
P2024 PTFE autoclavable filter, 0.45μm (pack of 5)