Labnet Excel Electronic Pipettes

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Labnet Excel Electronic Pipettes


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Multiple operating modes allow the Labnet Excel electronic pipettes to perform a variety of functions in addition to standard pipetting. Using the keypad and graphical interface, each of the modes is easily accessed and parameters entered. In the “AUTO” mode, the volumes to be aspirated and dispensed for standard
and reverse pipetting are selected..“MD” mode is selected for multiple dispensing operations. Samples can be aspirated and dispensed repeatedly in the “MIX” mode. “AUTO/MIX” makes serial dilutions quick and easy. Sequential dispensing (“SD”) allows for a large volume to be drawn up and and smaller aliquots of different
volumes to be dispensed. With sequential aspiration (“SA”) a number of samples can be drawn up with air spaces in between to prevent mixing and then dispensed all at once.

Single or Multichannel

Labnet Excel electronic pipettes are available in four overlapping volume ranges from 0.5μl. to 1200μl. Each range is provided in single, eight and twelve channel versions. The single channel models have reduced diameter shaft for reaching into narrow
tubes. The manifolds of the multichannel models rotate for comfortable pipetting inany direction.For sterility, the lower portion of the pipettes is easily removed for
autoclaving. Durable seals in both the single and multichannel pipettors provide leakproof performance. Tip cones are made from PVDF for added durability and chemical resistance and the tip ejectors are adjustable to accommodate a variety of tip types.

Rechargeable Power
A small. rechargeable, Lithium-ion battery powers the Labnet Excel electronic pipettes. A graphic on the display indicates the charge
status of the battery. When recharging is required, the unit is simply connected to the supplied charging adaptor and plugged into an electrical outlet. A complete charge is achieved in 8 hours. To ensure a fresh battery is always available, a stand-alone charger and extra batteries are available.


Volume range  Channels   Increments  Accuracy (%)  Precision (%)
0.5 - 10μl.   1  0.1μl.  ± 4.0 to ± 1.0  ≤2.5 to≤0.4
2 - 20μl.   1  0.1μl.  ± 4.0 to ± 1.0  ≤2.5 to≤0.4 
10 - 200μl.   1  0.1μl.  ± 2.5 to ± 0.6  ≤1.0to≤0.15 
100 - 1200μl   1  0.1μl.  ± 2.5 to ± 0.5   ≤0.6to≤0.15 
0.5 - 10μl.   8  0.1μl.  ± 4.0 to ± 1.5  ≤2.5 to≤0.5
2 - 20μl.   8  0.1μl.  ± 4.0 to ± 1.0    ≤2.5 to≤0.5 
10 - 200μl.   8  0.1μl.  ± 3.0 to ± 0.6  ≤1.0to≤0.15  
100 - 1200μl   8  0.1μl.  ± 3.0 to ± 0.5  ≤0.8 to≤0.2 
0.5 - 10μl.  12  0.1μl.   ± 4.0 to ± 1.5  ≤2.5 to≤0.5
2 - 20μl.  12  0.1μl.   ± 4.0 to ± 1.0  ≤2.5 to≤0.5 
10 - 200μl.  12  0.1μl.    ± 3.0 to ± 0.6  ≤1.0to≤0.15  
100 - 1200μl  12  0.1μl.    ± 3.0 to ± 0.5  ≤0.8 to≤0.2 

Ordering information:

Single channel models

P3600L-10-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette,0.5 - 10μl., single channel,with charger, 230V
P3600L-20-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette,2 - 20μl., single channel, with charger, 230V
P3600L-200-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette,10 - 200μl., single channel, with charger, 230V
P3600L-1200-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette,100 - 1200μl., single channel,with charger, 230V

8 channel models:

P3608L-10-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette, 0.5 - 10μl., 8 channel,with charger, 230V
P3608L-20-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette, 2 - 20μl., 8 channel,with charger, 230V
P3608L-200-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette, 10 - 200μl., 8 channel,with charger, 230V
P3608L-1200-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette, 100 - 1200μl., 8 channel,with charger, 230V

12 channel models:

P3612L-10-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette,0.5 - 10μl.,12 channel,with charger, 230V
P3612L-20-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette,2 - 20μl.,12 channel,with charger, 230V
P3612L-200-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette,10 - 200μl.,12 channel,with charger, 230V
P3612L-1200-230V Labnet Excel electronic pipette,100 - 1200μl.,12 channel,with charger, 230V


P3600L-BAT-1 Extra Lithium-ion battery (new generation)
P3628L Shelf clip for Excel electronic pipettes, holds one
P3630L Acrylic stand for Excel electronic pipette, holds 3