Labnet Enduro Mini Electrophoresis Power Supply and PowerStack

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Labnet Enduro Mini Electrophoresis Power Supply and PowerStack


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Additional Information

The Enduro Mini is a great saver of space and money. This power supply can handle up to 2 gel boxes at a time and isgreat for horizontal DNA gels and Mini-vertical protein gels.
These are small in size but not performance. They are stackable but when combined with the PowerStack rack they can be efficiently stacked allowing optimal air circulation
while only utilising one power outlet at the laboratory bench.
These units are full features with 300V, 400mA, 60W and a timer built-in. They can run at either constant voltage or
constant current and have automatic crossover as well as no load detection.

Ordering information:

E0304-230V Labnet Enduro Mini 300V power supply
E0304-R Labnet Enduro PowerStack (to hold up to 3 x E0304-230V)

Labnet Enduro  Power Supply Adaptors:

E1007-AD Extends the length of the standard electrode cables (4 mm.) of Labnet’s electrophoresis equipment to fit with deeply recessed power suppliesCompatibility: 4 mm. to 4 mm.
E1007-AD2 Allows Labnet’s electrophoresis equipment to be run from high voltage power supplies with 2 mm. outputs Compatibility: 4 mm. to 2 mm


Output voltage range / increments 10 – 300V / 1V
Output current range / increments  10 – 400 mA / 1 mA
Output power range / increments  60W maximum / N.A.
Operating constant modes  Voltage or current
Timer   1 – 999 minutes with alarm or continuous
Programmable   No
Dimensions   140W x 191D x 84H mm.
Weight  1 kg.
Input voltage   100 – 230V