Labnet Enduro Horizontal Gel Units

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Labnet Enduro Horizontal Gel Units


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Enduro™ Horizontal Gel Units have been designed for ease of use, safety and durability. A variety of sizes are available, from mini gel systems to a large maxi system that can accommodate as many as 450 samples in a single run.A wide range of accessories are available to customise your system, including multi-channel compatible gel combs.


- Moulded, durable construction for leakproof per-formance and a long service life
- Corrosion resistant platinum electrodes are located in cassettes to protect them during cleaning and provide for easy replacement
- Low buffer volumes
- Lids fit on gel units in only one direction
- Drip ring on the lid recycles condensed buffer and prevents it from dripping directly onto the gel
- Ease of use – simply snap the rubber gates onto the ends of the tray, place the comb in position (slots on the sides of the gel trays hold the combs in place)and pour the gel – no taping is necessary
- Adjustable height combs.Gel units are supplied with 1.5mm. thick combs but combs of other thicknesses are available separately
- After gel has hardened, the combs and gates are re-moved and the gel and tray placed in the gel box.
- Loading strips may be placed on the bottom of the gel box to aid in well visualisation
- Gel trays are UV transparent
- Removal of safety lid disconnects power from the system
- Side tabs and pressure pads make lid removal easy and prevent sloshing of the buffe

Ordering information:

Ordering information:
E1007-7 Enduro™ 7.7: Gel size: 7 x 7 cm.; Buffer volume: 225 ml.; Max. samples: 32; Supplied with gel tray 7x7 cm.,
E1007-10 Enduro™ 7.10: Gel size: 7 x 10 cm.; Buffer volume: 225 ml.; Max. samples: 64; Supplied with gel tray 7 x 10 cm., 3 x 8 tooth combs; Dimensions: 90 x 210 x 90 mm. 
E1010-10 Enduro™ 10.10: Gel size: 10 x 10 cm.; Buffer volume: 300 ml.; Max. samples: 100; Supplied with gel tray 10 x 10 cm.,2x10 tooth multichannel compatible combs;, Dimensions: 125 x 220 x 90 mm.
E1015-10   Enduro™ 15.10: Gel size: 15 x 10 cm.; Buffer volume: 500 ml.; Max. samples: 140; Supplied with gel tray 15 x 10 cm., 1 x 16 tooth multichannel compatible comb and 1 x 20 tooth comb; Dimensions: 175 x 265 x 90 mm.
E1015-15   Enduro™ 15.15: Gel size: 15 x 15 cm.;Buffer volume: 500 ml.; Max. samples: 210; Supplied with gel tray 15x15 cm.,1x16 tooth multichannel compatible comb, 1 x 20 tooth comb and 1 x 28 tooth multichannel compatible comb; Dimensions: 175 x 265 x 90 mm.
E1020-20 Enduro™ 20.20: Gel size: 20 x 20 cm.; Buffer volume: 1200 ml.; Max. samples: 450; Supplied with gel tray 20 x 20 cm., 2 x 40 tooth combs and 2 x 20 tooth multichannel compatible combs; Dimensions: 230 x 395 x 90 mm.