Labnet Enduro GDS Gel Documentation System

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Labnet Enduro GDS Gel Documentation System


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Additional Information

The Labnet Enduro GDS Gel Documentation System is a state-of-the-art imaging system providing an incredible combination of performance, value and ease of use. It is a perfect fit with the rapidly expanding Labnet Enduro Electrophoresis and Molecular Biology product line.

The Enduro GDS provides exceptional resolution with a 5MP scientific camera, a built-in UV transilluminator with a safety shut-off switch, and viewing port which are unique in this price range. The large field of view (20 x 24 cm.) allows for large gel imaging, or the imaging of many gels at once. The system was designed to always be in focus, which  means no manual manipulation of the lens is required, ever.

Application flexibility is achieved through the UV transilluminators, the optional white light conversion screen, and optional blue conversion screen. The standard filter on the Enduro GDS is compatible with ethidium bromide , SYBR Safe, gel red and SYBR Green to name a few. The optional Clear Gel Tray provides a great tool to make gel handling easier. The tapered end allows safe transfer of gel reducing risk of damaging gel in transport. The GDS is ready to use right out of the box. Just connect to a PC and run.

The Enduro GDS was designed to save images as either .jpg files for publication or .tiff files for quantitative analysis. Labnet offers TotalLab 1D software in either single, multiple user or network licenses. TotalLab 1D provides for the rapid analysis of images and can get you results in a single click of the mouse. The user has the ability to review each stage of the workflow analysis and intervene or edit if required. Combining high levels of automation with final user review allows rapid and accurate quantitative analysis. The user then has full control of the visualisation tools and data display – outputting only those data fields that are of importance as well as the images of choice. Reports can easily be generated including quantitative data, gel image and band profile. This is a full featured analytical software package that is the result of decades of software refinement.

Ordering information:

Labnet Enduro GDS Imaging System, 302 nm. Universal Voltage  
Labnet Enduro GDS Imaging System, 365 nm., Universal Voltage 
GDS-12018 Clear Gel Tray – use for gel transfer and cutting
GDS-12019 White Light Conversion Tray –  use for Coomassie and Silver stain. Converts UV to white light 
GDS-12020 Blue Light Conversion Tray.  Converts UV to blue light
GDS-12021 Mitsubishi P95D Thermal Printer 
GDS-12022 Thermal Paper (5 rolls) 


Camera resolution:   5 Megapixels (2592 x 1944), 10 bit scientific grade sensor, highest resolution scientific camera in its class, best image possible for qualitative work, ability to discriminate between close bands within the gel, more data points for accurate quantitation
8 mm., f1.4 hands-free lens with Smart Capture technology. System is pre-focused and maintains focus for sample directly on transilluminator or raised on a gel tray
Built-in UV transilluminator (302 nm. or 365 nm.) with: UV viewing port, easy to open drawer provides access for excising bands in gels, software controls of UV light with automatic shut-off switch, UV safety override switch in door, maximum field of view 20 x 24 cm.
Application-driven imaging offers streamlined workflow. Optional: TotalLab 1D for quantitative analysis* For ideal imaging with a single click, the innovative qualitative and control software includes: automatic setting of aperture and shutter speeds, optimisation of exposures and images with the large standard palette of tools, control of UV light, extended bulb life time with automatic shut down of UV light after image acquisition 
346W x 311D x 686H mm
Weight : 
21.4 kg. 
* Recommended that Microsoft Excel is loaded on the PC to use the optional TotalLab 1D software
PC Specifications :
Operating system:
Windows XP (with Microsoft .NET
Framework 3.5)
Windows Vista, 32 or 64 bit
Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit
Minimum hardware requirements   1.4 GHz processor speed 
16GB Free Hard Disk Space
1 USB (camera and printer)