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  • Labnet GDS Touch Imaging System

Labnet Enduro GDS Touch Gel Documentation System


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Additional Information

The Labnet Enduro™ GDS Touch is an integrated system for DNA analysis and gel documentation. It is based on the GDS but incorporates an integrated tablet PC with a three position filter wheel with both EPI-Blue and EPI-White light sources standard. The market has shown a growing demand for being able to image DNA at higher wavelengths so as to prevent DNA nicking for downstream applications. The powerful EPI-Blue light can discriminate bands stained with SYBR® Safe up to 3 levels of magnitude greater than imagers using blue light conversion screens. Just like the Enduro™ GDS, there is no need to touch the camera.
Installation and operation is simple and acquisition of images can be achieved in 4 touches of the tablet. The Enduro™ GDS Touch is ideal for life science research laboratories which need a flexible system with a small footprint.

Ordering information:

Labnet Enduro GDS Imaging System, 302 nm. Universal Voltage  
Labnet Enduro GDS Imaging System, 365 nm., Universal Voltage 

Enduro™ Gel Documentation System Accessories:

GDS-12018 Clear Gel Tray – use for gel transfer and cutting 
GDS-12019 White Light Conversion Tray –  use for Coomassie and Silver stain. Converts UV to white light
GDS-12021 Mitsubishi P95D Thermal Printer
GDS-12022 Thermal Paper (5 rolls)

Optional Filters (for GDS Touch models only):

GDST-676R Red filter (676 nm.)
GDST-572G Green filter (572 nm.)
GDST-497B Blue filter (497 nm.)

Image Capture Software:

Annotation and e-mail features: Yes
5 minute auto shut-off of UV Yes
UV on/off in software: Yes
White light on/off in software: Yes
Blue light on/off in software: Yes
Desktop compatible: No
Touchscreen / tablet compatible: Yes
Communications: USB. Tablet has wireless and bluetooth options

Stain Guide:

Fluor / Stain Description Catalogue No.
Ethidium Bromide 302 nm. UV Standard
Gel Red 302 nm. UV Standard
SYBR® Green 302 nm. and 488 nm. Standard
Gel Green Blue Light Conversion Screen GDS-12020
SYBR® Safe Blue Light Conversion Screen GDS-12020
Coomassie Stain White Light Conversion Screen GDS-12019
Silver Stain White Light Conversion Screen


Camera resolution:   5 Megapixels (2592 x 1944) scientific grade sensor
Manual f1.4 Lens (no focus required)
Field of View:
20 x 24 cm.
Standard illumination: 
EPI blue and white light, 302 or 365 nm. UV transillumination
Pull-out UV:
For visualising and cutting bands
System Controls: 
Integrated Touchscreen computer 
Three position (EtBr included)
 Enduro™ TotalLab 1D Software (optional)

Labnet offers TotalLab 1D software in either single, multiple user or network licenses. TotalLab 1D provides for the rapid analysis of images and can get you results in a single click of the mouse. The user has the ability to review each stage of the workflow analysis and intervene or edit if required. Combining high levels of automation with final user review allows rapid and accurate quantitative analysis. The user then has full control of the visualisation tools and data display – outputting only those data fields that are of importance as well as the images of choice. Reports can easily be generated including quantitative data, gel image and band profile.
This is a full featured analytical software package that is the result of decades of software refinement.
By pressing ‘Automatic’ on software toolbar the first three actions in the experimental overview have been completed: (1) Lane Creation (2) Background subtraction (3) Band detection.

Ordering information:

GDS-TL1D-1 TotalLab 1D, 1 user license
GDS-TL1D-2 TotalLab 1D, 2 user license
GDS-TL1D-3 TotalLab 1D, 3 user license
GDS-TL1D-1U TotalLab Quant upgrade, 1 user license
GDS-TL1D-3U TotalLab Quant upgrade, 3 user license