Labnet Enduro Electrophoresis Power Supplies

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Labnet Enduro Electrophoresis Power Supplies


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Additional Information

The Enduro 250V power supply is a high current programmable power supply ideal for all blotting applications, horizontal gel electrophoresis and manyvertical protein applications where programming is necessary. It features a voltage range from 5 to 250V in 1V increments. Current is adjustable in 0.01A steps to a maximum of 3A. Wattage is adjustable in 1W steps up to 300W. It comes with outputs for up to 4 sets of leads.
The Enduro 500V power supply
is a fully programmable power supply ideal for all protein and DNA gel running applications. It is a 500V, 800mA. 300W power supply with a timer and ability to programme up to 6 steps per method. Ideal for applications requiring easing of samples into gels before speeding up runs.

Ordering information:

E0303-230V Enduro 300V power supply2 to 300V(in 1V), 4 to 500mA (in 1mA), 90W max.output,
E0203-230V Enduro 250V power supply, 5 to 250V (in 1V), 10 to 3000mA  (in 10mA), 1 to 300W (in 1W) output
E0500-230V Enduro 500V power supply,5 to 500V (in 1V), 1 to 800mA  (in 1mA), 1 to 300W (in 1W) output


  Model 300V Model 250V Model 500V
Output voltage range / increments 2– 300V / 1V 5 – 250V / 1V 5 – 500V / 1V
Output current range / increments  4 – 500 mA /1 mA 10 – 3000 mA /10 mA 1 – 800 mA /1 mA
Output power range / increments 90W maximum / N.A 1 – 300W / 1W 1 – 300W / 1W
Operating constant modes Voltage or current Voltage or current current or powe Voltage or current or power
Timer 1 – 999 minutes or continuous 1 minute – 99 hour 59 minutes or continuou Constant mode: 1 – 9999 minutes with alarm or continuous
Programmable No 10 steps / programme 20 programme memory 6 steps / programme / 30 programme memory
Dimensions 190W x 250D x 80H mm. 190W x 250D x 80H mm. 190W x 305D x 5H mm.
Weight 2.5 kg. 2.5 kg. 2.5 kg.
Input voltage 20 – 230V 120 – 230V 100 – 240V