Labnet AccuBlock Digital Dry Baths

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Labnet AccuBlock Digital Dry Baths


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Additional Information

- Single or double block models
- Precise microprocessor control and digital display
- Broad temp. range:ambient +5° to 150°C in 0.1°C
- Temperature uniformity / accurac y : ± 0.2°C / ± 0.3°C
- 19 aluminium block formats to choose from
- Digital display can be easily user calibrated
- Supplied with screw-in block lifter
- Dimensions / Weight (both models): 200W x 265D x 83H mm. / 2.2 kg.

Ordering information:    

D1301-230V Single block capacity dry bath(without block)
D1302-230V Two block capacity dry bath(without blocks)

Blocks and accessories:


D1105A Block, 24 x 1.5ml. tubes
D1105A-RACK Plastic rack for D1105A to load / unload20 x 1.5ml. tubes simultaneously (pack of 3 racks)
D1105 Block, 24 x 0.5ml. tubes
D1115-TALL Block, 12 x 15ml. Falcon tubes
D1150-TALL Block, 5 x 50ml. Falcon tubes
D1100-PS PopStopper (prevents tube capspopping off ) for blocks D1102, D1102A,D1105 and D1105A
D1102 Block, 48 x 0.2ml. PCR tubes or 6 x(8 x 0.2ml.) strips
D1102A Block, 20 x 2.0ml. tubes
D1106 Block, 35 x 6mm. tubes
D1110 Block, 20 x 10mm. tubes
D1112 Block, 20 x 12mm. tubes
D1113 Block, 20 x 13mm. tubes
D1116 Block, 12 x 15 or 16mm. tubes
D1117 Block, 12 x 17mm. tubes
D1120 Block, 6 x 20mm. tubes
D1125 Block, 6 x 25mm. tubes
D1196-PCR Single Block, 96 well PCR plate, skirted or unskirted (for D1100-230V model only)
D1296 Dual Block, 96 well microtitre plate or 4 slides (for D1200-230V model only)
D1296-PCR Dual Block, 96 well PCR plate, skirted or unskirted (for D1200-230V model only)
D12384 Dual Block, 384 well PCR plate (for D1200-230V model only)
D1101 Solid block for machining (no holes)