GP Sub Divided - Mercury Glass - White Back

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  • GP Sub Divided - Mercury Glass - White Back

Sub Divided Thermometer - Mercury Glass - White Back (General Purpose)


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Zeal General Purpose Thermometers are made from the highest quality glass that has been specially selected to have uniform capillary bore and to be free from strain. Instruments are scientifically annealed and artificially aged before testing to ensure stability and maintain accuracy. Top expansion chambers are provided where necessary to allow for overheating. Triple distilled Mercury Thermometers pressurised nitrogen gas above the column to ensure reliable readings at the lowest temperatures on the scale. Each instrument is fitted with an anti roll cap and packed in a protective plastic container. 

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Additional Information

Sub Divided General Purpose Thermometers - Mercury White Back Glass
Anti-roll caps. 

Max Error +/- 0.3

Order CodeRangeLengthDivisions
L0160 -5/+50C 305mm 0.2
L0161 -5/+50C 375mm 0.1
L0162 -5/+105C 375mm 0.2