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IP Thermometers


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IP Thermometers

Product is not available online. For more information on purchasing this item contact our sales office on the number below:

+44 020 8542 2283

or email scientific@zeal.co.uk

Remember to order your Works or UKAS Certified Calibration Certificate, you may need it to verify the accuracy of your thermometer to validate the integrity of your test measurements.

Additional Information


Zeal IP Thermometers are quality precision instruments manufactured in accordance with the specifications drawn up by the Institute of Petroleum (IP). They are for use with specific methods for the testing of petroleum and its derivatives. Many of the tests and instrument specifications are jointly agreed with ASTM International, formally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These thermometers are included in British Standard BS2000. Despite being designed for specific tests, many of them will have other uses as high precision thermometers. Works or UKAS Test Certificates are available.

´┐╝If you cannot find the IP Thermometers you are looking for here please refer to the following ASTM Thermometers as many of the specifications have been jointly agreed.

Order Code IP Reference Purpose Range Divisions Max Length Immersion
L5000 IP3C Demulsification -1/+105°C 0.5 265mm Total
L5001 IP3F Demulsification +30/+220°F 1.0 265mm Total
L5002 IP4C Crude Oil Distillation -4/+360°C 2.0 320mm Total
L5003 IP8F Flushing-Case Low +30/+110°F 0.5 340mm 65mm
L5004 IP8C Flushing-Case Low 0/+45°C 0.2 350mm 65mm
L5005 IP9F Flushing-Case Medium +100/+180°F 0.5 340mm 65mm
L5006 IP9C Flushing-Case Medium +40/+85°C 0.2 350mm 65mm
L5007 IP10C - +76/+112°C 0.2 340mm 65mm
L5008 IP10F - +170/+250°F 0.5 340mm 65mm
L5009 IP22C Oxidation +195/+205°C 0.1 310mm 100mm
L5010 ABEL OIL For Use with Abel Equipment +10/+65°C 0.5 240mm 61mm
L5011 ABEL OIL For Use with Abel Equipment +50/+150°F 1.0 240mm 61mm
L5012 ABEL BATH For Use with Abel Equipment +32/+88°C 0.5 240mm 89mm
L5013 ABEL BATH For Use with Abel Equipment +90/+190°F 1.0 240mm 89mm
L5014 IP1F Kinmatic Viscosity 100°F +97.5/+102.5°F 0.1 290mm Total
L5015 IP4F Kinmatic Viscosity 130°F +127/+133°F 0.1 290mm Total
L5016 IP7C Sludge +144/+156°C 0.2 280mm 100mm
L5017 IP8C Pen and Duct +23/+27°C 0.1 270mm Total
L5018 IP39C Density -1/+38°C 0.1 450mm Total
L5019 IP39F Specific Gravity +30/+100°F 0.2 450mm Total
L5020 IP40C Drop Point Low +20/+120°C 1.0 260mm 100mm
L5021 IP41C Drop Point High +100/+230°C 1.0 260mm 100mm
L5022 IP42C Breaking Point -38/+30°C 0.5 380mm 250mm
L5023 IP4C F.P Cut-Back (Int) +10/+110°C 0.5 315mm 61mm
L5024 IP4F F.P Cut-Back (Int) +50/+230°F 1.0 315mm 61mm
L5025 IP44C F P Cut Back (Ext) +15/+121°C 0.5 315mm 88.9mm
L5026 IP44F F P Cut Back (Ext) +60/+250°F 1.0 315mm 88.9mm
L5027 IP45C Refractrometer +15/+30°C 0.2 170mm 22mm
L5028 IP46C Westphal Gravity Balance +14.5/+21°C 0.1 170mm Total
L5029 IP46F Westphal Gravity Balance +58/+70°F 0.2 170mm Total
L5030 IP48C Tank Low -38/+30°C 0.5 315mm Total
L5031 IP49F Tank Medium 0/+100°F 1.0 315mm Total
L5032 IP49C Tank Medium -15/+40°C 0.5 315mm Total
L5033 IP50F Tank High +50/+150°F 1.0 315mm Total
L5034 IP50C Tank High +10/+65°C 0.5 315mm Total
L5035 IP51F Tank Heated Fuel +95/+248°F 1.0 315mm Total
L5036 IP51C Tank Heated Fuel +35/+120°C 0.5 315mm Total
L5037 IP52F Tank Bitumen +194/+500°F 1.0 315mm Total
L5038 IP52C Tank Bitumen +90/+260°C 1.0 315mm Total
L5039 IP53F Tank Cargo +32/+176°F 1.0 315mm Total
L5040 IP53C Tank Cargo 0/+80°C 0.5 315mm Total
L5042 IP74C Abel Oil Cup Wide Range -35/+70°C 0.5 320mm 61mm
L5043 IP74F Abel Oil Cup Wide Range -35/+160°F 1.0 320mm 61mm
L5044 IP75C Abel Water Bath Wide Range -30/+80°C 0.5 320mm 89mm
L5045 IP75F Abel Water Bath Wide Range -25/+180°F 1.0 320mm 89mm
L5046 IP76C Engler Viscosity +10/+55°C 0.5 250mm 93mm
L5047 IP101C Medium Pensky Martens +20/+150°C 1.0 290mm 57mm
L5048 IP100C Kinematic Viscosity 80°C +78.6/+81.4°C 0.05 290mm Total
L5046/A IP98C Rapid Flash High +100/+300°C 2.0 200mm 44mm