Cruma Portable Fume Hoods

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Cruma Portable Fume Hoods


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Additional Information

Cruma portable fume hoods are suitable for use where there is no access to external ducting, the filtered air being recirculated into the room. They can also be moved  from bench to bench, room to room or site to site if required.

There are two types of fume hood available:
Type G: Use a single activated carbon main filter and are used for filtering gases and vapours
Type GS: Use a combination of an activated carbon main filter and a HEPA filter and are used for filtering gases and particles 
Pre-filter: All CRUMA fume hoods are fitted with a Class G4 synthetic bio-fibre pre-filter (according to the EN-779 standard) for the retention of atmospheric dust.

All the activated carbon filters used by CRUMA have been impregnated, manufactured and tested according to the requirements of the EN-141 standard. They are designed to absorb the products listed below:
Type A: Ideal for organic vapours such as ketones, ethers, alcohols, xylenes, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. It may also be used for inorganic acids, provided they are in low proportions as the activated carbon is not impregnated and any excess of acid could damage it.
Type BE: Ideal for inorganic acids like H2SO4, HCl, HNO3 as well as volatile sulphur compounds such as H2S, SO3, etc. It can be used with organic vapours, as the activated carbon has metallic compound and neutralising salt impregnations. It is also recommended for filtering organic and inorganic compounds, provided that they are all in similar proportions.
Type F: Ideal for formaldehyde and derivatives as well as organic compounds. The carbon is impregnated with Cu and should never be used with inorganic acids.
Type K: Ideal for NH3 and amines and good for organic compounds. Impregnated with metallic salt complexes.
Type ABEK: Mixed type to be used when the proportions of organic, inorganic and NH3 / amines are similar

ECO² Fume Hood
Designed to meet two main criteria, economy and ecology (hence ECO²), for the handling of chemical reagents and compounds at room or moderate tempe rature in all kinds of laboratories.

- External dimensions: 780W x 600D x 950H (1010H for GS) mm.
- Internal dimensions: 770W x 560D x 760H mm.
- Noise level: 50dB
- Solid metal sides and rear wall as standard
- Anemometer
- Filter saturation detection system
- Volume of treated air / hour (m³/hr.): 175 (170 for GS)
- Average face speed of air (m³/hr.): 0.50
- Internal hood volume (m³): 0.287
- Air removals in the hood per minute: 10.2 (9 for GS)
- Illumination (optional)
- No base, use liquid retention tray or bench
- Average assembly time: 20 – 30 minutes

Ordering information:

Ordering information:  Price Each
CRUMA ECO² Fume Hood supplied  with pre-filter, solid walls 
Main filters (must be ordered with fume hood)
A001  Type A filter for G hood 
AD001  Type AD filter for GS hood 
B001 Type BE filter for G hood
Type BED filter for GS hood 
F001 Type F filter for G hood
FD001 Type FD filter for GS hood
K001 Type K filter for G hood
KD001 Type KD filter for GS hood
MX001 Type ABEK filter for G hood
MXD001  Type ABEKD filter for GS hood 
KIT001 Gas detection kit. Specify gas tested on order
KIT002 Gas detector tubes (pack of 10) Specify gas tested on order 
KIT002B Gas dector tubes for inorganic vapours (pack of 10) Specify gas tested on order
6PF4 Pre-filters for model 670  (pack of 4) 
8PF4 Pre-filters for models EC02 &870 (pack of 4)
10PF4 Pre-filters for models 990, 1010 & 1200 (pack of 4)
6PF10 Pre-filters for model 670 (pack of 10)
8PF10 Pre-filtersfor model ECO2 & 870 (pack of 10)
10PF10 Pre-filters for  models 990, 1010 & 1200 (pack of 10)