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  • E5001-SD

Accuris Instruments SmartDoc™ Smart Phone Imaging Enclosure


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Please note that this product is not available online. For more information on purchasing this item, please contact our sales office on the number below:

+44 020 8542 2283

or email us at:  scientific@zeal.co.uk

Additional Information

The new Accuris Instruments SmartDoc™ Imaging Enclosure (E5001-SD) is a gel imaging enclosure designed to fit on to most standard UV and blue light transilluminators. The geometry, to platform and filters are optimised for gel imaging with smart phone cameras. Images can be transferred to a computer for storage or further analysis.

> Use with existing transilluminators
> Works on UV and blue light sources
> Blocks ambient light for quality gel images
> Filters for different stain and light sources
> Removable extender for close up imaging
> Compatible with all smart phones:  iPhone™, Samsung™, LG™, HTC™ and more

Ordering Information: 

E5001-SD Accuris Instruments SmartDoc™ 2.0 System
E5001-ORANGE Orange photo filter for imaging green stains (SYBR®), SmartGlow™ Gel Green™ on blue light surface
E5001-535 535nm. filter for green stains on UV light source for imaging green stains on UV light source
E5001-590 590nm. filter for EtBr on UV light source for imaging EtBr on UV light source