Accumax PRO Variable Volume Pipettes

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Accumax PRO Variable Volume Pipettes


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Additional Information

- Smart, soft finger grip of thermoplastic elastomer for easier grip and less heat transfer to pipette
- Easy identification through different colour coding for each model
- Supplied with calibration tool (also doubles as tool to dismantle pipette for servicing) and full factory calibration certificate
- Full instructions for use and calibration. Full warranty and spare parts available

Ordering information:

Single channel pipettes:

VAP-125 0.1 – 2.5μl.(in 0.01μl.)             
VAP-100  0.5 - 10μl.(in 0.1μl.)  
VAP-700  2 - 20μl.(in 0.1μl.)  
VAP-200  5 - 50μl.(in 0.5μl.)  
VAP-500  10 - 100μl.(in 0.5μl.)  
VAP-800  20 - 200μl.(in 1.0μl.)  
VAP-300  50 - 200μl.(in 1.0μl.)  
VAP-600  100 - 1000μl.(in 5.0μl.)  
VAP-400  200 -1000μl.(in 5.0μl.)  
VAP-900  1000 - 5000μl.(in 50.0μl.)  
VAP-905  500 - 5000μl.(in 50.0μl.)  
VAP-1000  1000 - 10000μl (in 100μl)  
VAP-1005  500 - 10000μl (in 100μl)  


SA-100 Accumax acrylic stand to hold 4 pipettes  
SA-200 Accumax acrylic stand to hold 6 pipettes