Hydrometers by GH Zeal Ltd:

Zeal’s Hydrometers are precision instruments manufactured from the highest quality glass
tubing especially selected to to be free from stain and other defects. Precisely poised with
lead shot sealed in a special wax ensures correct alignment. Scales have clearly marked
figures and graduations. Temperature adjustment is marked on the scale of each hydrometer.
Where applicable the Fiducial Mark (datum line) enables calibration by UKAS Laboratories.
Zeal manufacture a multiplicity of hydrometers from Specific Gravity Commercial Grade suitable for general use in laboratories and universities to hydrometers in accordance with British (BS 718, BS 1377), ASTM, API and other international recognized standards as well as hydrometers for specific applications, such as Draft Survey, Potato, Alcohol, Brix, Twaddle etc.
Works and UKAS Certified Calibration Certificates are available for the majority of hydrometers.

Further details on our range of Hydrometers can be found in our catalogue:

Hydrometers Hydrometers

For further information on our hydrometers you can also call our sales office:
Tel: +44 (0)20 8542 2283 or email: scientific@zeal.co.uk

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  • A . Nissen

    Hi , We recently purchased a G.H.Zeal London England Hydrometer at a Auction & would like to know more about this unusual Item. The Hydrometer with no temp markings is mounted on a black steel plate with markings of from 90 to 110 on the top & Low 103 High on the bottom either side of the Hydrometer & a long wire clip at the back ,we think to hook onto a wing maybe. It is about 122mm Long x 47mm tapering down to 35mm. It has a brown leather case similar to a Spectacle case Please let us know what is the instruments purpose & approx Value . Regards Alex & Susan

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