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  • Progen Scientific Launch New Practical Brochure

    Progen Scientific Practical Brochure Progen Scientific Practical Brochure

    Progen Scientific are pleased to release the new "Progen Practical" Laboratory Equipment brochure.

    To download a copy please click here.

    Alternatively you can request a copy via post by contacting us on the following email: scientific@zeal.co.uk

    You can also call our sales office: 020 8542 2283

  • HVAC Thermometers and HVAC Pressure Gauges

    HVAC Thermometers and HVAC Pressure Gauges.

    Zeal’s HVAC product range is designed to provide quality at an economical price. Pressure Gauges, Dial thermometers and combined Pressure/Temperature gauges are available to suit all applications.

    Click on this link to see the HVAC range.

    For more information on purchasing these items in a larger quantity or customized design please contact our sales office on the number below:
    +44 020 8542 2283
    or email scientific@zeal.co.uk

  • Wet Test Gas Flowmeters

    Wet Test Gas Flowmeter Wet Test Gas Flowmeter

    GH Zeal would like to advise Allied Instruments Wet Test Gas Flowmeter users that the business of Allied Instruments Ltd has been transferred to GH Zeal Ltd.

    We manufacture new wet test gas flow meters as well as offer servicing and calibration of existing meters (we can also service, repair and calibrate Allied meters).

    We recommend that a calibration is carried out annually to ensure a high level of accuracy is maintained.

    Feel free to contact us should you have any future Flow meter requirements or would like to receive further details on our repair, service and calibration costs.

    Information on our Wet Test Gas Flowmeters can be found on our website here.

  • Hydrometers

    Hydrometers by GH Zeal Ltd:

    Zeal’s Hydrometers are precision instruments manufactured from the highest quality glass
    tubing especially selected to to be free from stain and other defects. Precisely poised with
    lead shot sealed in a special wax ensures correct alignment. Scales have clearly marked
    figures and graduations. Temperature adjustment is marked on the scale of each hydrometer.
    Where applicable the Fiducial Mark (datum line) enables calibration by UKAS Laboratories.
    Zeal manufacture a multiplicity of hydrometers from Specific Gravity Commercial Grade suitable for general use in laboratories and universities to hydrometers in accordance with British (BS 718, BS 1377), ASTM, API and other international recognized standards as well as hydrometers for specific applications, such as Draft Survey, Potato, Alcohol, Brix, Twaddle etc.
    Works and UKAS Certified Calibration Certificates are available for the majority of hydrometers.

    Further details on our range of Hydrometers can be found in our catalogue:

    Hydrometers Hydrometers

    For further information on our hydrometers you can also call our sales office:
    Tel: +44 (0)20 8542 2283 or email: scientific@zeal.co.uk

  • GH Zeal New Catalogue

    Zeal Catalogue Zeal Catalogue

    GH Zeal are pleased to announce the launch of our new catalogue.

    Since 1888 G. H. Zeal have designed and manufactured quality instrumentation
    for the measurement of Temperature, Density, Humidity, Pressure and Flow. This catalogue illustrates the current product range and diversity of technical expertise.

    Zeal’s Thermometers, Hydrometers, Hygrometers, Gas Flow Meters, Dial Thermometers and Pressure Gauges are in regular use within many of the most highly regarded Health Care, Scientific, Research, Educational and Industrial organizations throughout the world.

    The catalogue can be downloaded from our website here.
    For further information on Zeal Products email: scientific@zeal.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 8542 2283

  • Progen Scientific - New Focus Brochure 2015

    Progen Scientific Progen Scientific Focus Brochure 2015

    Progen Scientific (The Laboratory Equipment division of GH Zeal Ltd) Has just launched the new Progen Scientific Focus Brochure for 2015. This showcases the range of quality laboratory equipment Progen Scientific supplies. Inside you will also find the "Hot Shots" for 2015 which are popular equipment product lines at excellent value price points.

    For more information on Progen Scientific Products please call our sales office on 020 8542 2283 or email scientific@zeal.co.uk

  • Tympanic Thermometers from Zeal

    Zeal Tympanic Thermometer Zeal Tympanic Thermometer
    Zeal Tympanic Thermometer Rechargeable Ward Station Zeal Tympanic Thermometer Rechargeable Ward Station

    Zeal Tympanic Thermometers:
    ACT8000 Professional Tympanic.
    ACT8000R Professional Tympanic Rechargeable with tray station.

    Zeal Tympanic thermometers are designed for professional clinicians throughout the National Health Care Service in Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Nursing Homes, Field Hospitals and the Emergency Services.

    Incorporating the most up to date technology with many advanced features they are accurate, reliable, and easy to use. Hands-free probe cover installation and disposal helps to eliminate Healthcare Acquired Infectons. Hygienic replacement probe covers are available at low cost. They fully comply with the accuracy and safety requirements of European Standard

    EN 12470-5, ASTM E 1965-98 and are  0123, FDA and TUV certified.

    • Extended measuring range suitable for standard or hypothermic patients.
    • Hygienic “Hands - Free” probe cover installation and disposal.
    • Eject used probe cover with one button.
    • Probe cover detection system.
    • 1 second measurement.
    • Clinically proven accuracy.
    • Correct measurement confirmation ‘ok’ or ‘Err’.
    • Large display with Back - Light.
    • 10 multi-recall Memories.
    • Dual Scale °C/°F switchable.
    • Auto Shut - off
    • Low cost replacement probe covers.

    As used by many NHS institutions.

    Tympanic Thermometer Information and Instructions Tympanic Thermometer Information and Instructions (click image to open).
  • EZEtemp Disposable Thermometers

    EZEtemp Disposable Thermometer EZEtemp Disposable Thermometer
    EZEtemp Disposable Thermometer Instructions EZEtemp Disposable Thermometer Instructions

    Disposable Thermometers - Medical - Single Use - EZE Temp

    Easy to use – Latex free – NHS approved – Non toxic - Safe
    Our EZETemp™ disposable thermometer is in regular use within many healthcare institutions. Easy to use and with a long shelf life this thermometer is ideal for keeping around the house or workplace, for those occasions when clinically accurate body temperatures are required. Other ideas for use: take away on holiday. Anyone responsible for groups of people.

    Click on the images in this post to download further information on the EZEtemp Disposable thermometer.

    Click here to link to these on our main website.

  • Zeal Draft Survey Hydrometer

    Zeal Draft Survey Hydrometer Zeal Draft Survey Hydrometer

    Order Code: D4040
    0.990/1.040 kg/L @ 15°C 330mm long x 0.0005 divisions
    Our Draft Survey Hydrometer is suitable for use in sea or fresh water. It was specially designed in collaboration with S.G.S. Van Bree N.V., Antwerp, member of the Société Générale de Surveillance
    S.A. Geneva, to ensure that when carrying out a Draft Survey on cargo carrying vessels the weight to volume relationship of the supporting water was precisely measured and accurately
    reported. Not all hydrometers on sale are manufactured to the very high standards of Zeal whose quality is universally relied upon.

    Link here to purchase this unit.

    For larger order quantities feel free to contact our sales office for a quotation: scientific@zeal.co.uk
    Tel: +44 (0)20 8542 2283

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    GH Zeal Ltd:
    Manufacturers of Thermometers, Hydrometers, Hygrometers, Gas Flow Meters, Dial Thermometers and Pressure Gauges. Used within many of the most highly regarded medical / health care, scientific, research, educational and industrial organisations throughout the world.
    Includes Progen Scientific (A division of GH Zeal Ltd). Quality established supplier of laboratory equipment.

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