Labnet Model 222DS Benchtop / Underbench, Compact Shaking Incubator

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Labnet Model 222DS Benchtop / Underbench, Compact Shaking Incubator


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Additional Information

- Exceptional versatility with large selection of options
- SmartChek Software which can control and monitor temperature and shaking speed is supplied as standard but the incubator can also operate without using the software
- Compact design - the incubator can be used as benchtop or underbench as even with the lid open it is only 550 mm. high
- Flexibility – control from keypad or software
- If lid is opened during operation then shaking incubator stops immediately and ‘Opn Lid’ message is displayed. When lid is closed, shaking incubator starts operating automatically
- If there is a power cut during operation, shaking incubator will restart automatically, as soon as the power returns. The display will be flashing (warning you that there was a power cut) and this can be turned off by pressing the encoder knob

Technical specifications:

Shaking Speed: 
20 – 300 rpm. 
Shaking Orbit: 
Circular, 19 mm. 
Temperature range: 
Ambient +5ºC to 70ºC 
Temperature increments:  
Temperature accuracy: 
± 0.5ºC 
Temperature uniformity: 
± 0.5ºC 
Speed increments:  1 rpm. 
Platform dimensions:  300 x 300 mm. 
Operating temperature range:  4ºC to 65ºC 
370W x 530D x 400H mm. 
19.5 kg.
Height with lid open: 
550 mm.
USB temperature monitor: 
Yes, with included SmartChek software.
Windows PC not included.
1 minute to 99 hours or continuous
Open door lid cutoff switch: 
2 years
Ordering information:
Ordering information: 
I-5222-DS-230V Labnet 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator, 230V    


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