Jeiotech Floor Standing Unrefrigerated and Refrigerated Shaking Incubators

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Jeiotech Floor Standing Unrefrigerated and Refrigerated Shaking Incubators


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Additional Information

- Orbital shaking motion (forward, backward or pause) - reciprocating motion optional
- Temperature range: IS-971 – ambient + 5ºC to + 60ºC, IS-971R - + 4ºC to + 60ºC
- Temperature accuracy / uniformity: +/- 0.1° C / +/- 0.5° C
- Over-temperature control
- Temperature timer: Max. 99 hour 59 min. in 1 min. (wait on time; wait off time)
- Digital PID microprocessor auto-tuning; 9 step programmed control, 999 cycle
- Elimination of noise and vibration (brushless motor with feedback)
- Orbital shaking speed: 10 to 300 rpm. (+/- 1 rpm)
- Shaking timer: Max. 999 hour 59 min. 59 10 sec. (pause, forward, backward)
- Amplitude of orbit / stroke: 30 mm. (standard), 40, 50, 60, and 70 mm. available
- Interior stainless steel; exterior powder coated steel
- Supplied with castors for easy moving
- Lid has lock with key, glass viewing window and supported by gas spring; platform stops moving when door opened, circulation fan stops (prevents excessive temp. changes) and alarm sounds if door opened for more than 1 minute Safety device: Custom Logic Safe control system
- RS232 interface with FREE software and cables
- Internal dimensions: 895W x 634D x 429Hmm.
- External dimensions: 1250W x 798D x 1050Hmm.
- Platform 755 x 481 mm.
- Weight: 195 Kg.
- Max. load: 25 Kg.

Ordering information:
Ordering information: 
23306 Jeiotech Model IS-971 floor standing, unrefrigerated, shaking incubator, 270 litre 
23322 Jeiotech Model IS-971R floor standing, refrigerated, shaking incubator, 270 litre
Accessories for IS-971 and IS-971R:
31513  SE-513 Universal platform (to fit flask clamps, etc.)                                                 
SE-550 Clamp for 50ml. round flask (max.99 flasks)
23551 SE-551 Clamp for 100ml. round flask (max. 74 flasks)  
23552 SE-552 Clamp for 250ml. round flask (max. 39 flasks)  
23553 SE-553 Clamp for 500ml. round flask (max. 25 flasks)  
23554 SE-554 Clamp for 1000ml. round flask (max. 14 flasks)  
23555 SE-555 Clamp for 2000ml. round flask (max. 9 flasks)  
23523 SE-523 Spring wire rack to hold different size vessels  
SE-533 Rubber mat tray 
AAA30551 Lab. sticker (adhesive mat) 200 x 200 mm.