FINEPCR 3D-300 Digital Multi Motion Shaker

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FINEPCR 3D-300 Digital Multi Motion Shaker


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Additional Information

- Change between orbital or two angles of 3D motion
- Extremely quiet operation
- Digital operation
- Supplied with dual mat and angle adjustment tool
- Optional platform available for flasks
- LED display actual speed or time
- Variable speed between 30 – 300 rpm.
- Continuous or timed operation
- High quality permanent DC brushless motor for gentle and powerful motion


- Orbital range: 18 mm.
- 3D motions: 5º, 10, 15º and 20º angle
- Speed range: 30 – 300 rpm.
- Motor: Brushless DC motor
- Timer: 99 hours 59 minutes or continuous
- Suitable for use in incubators up to 55° (dry heat)
- Dimensions: 320W x 410D x 140H mm.
- Platform : 300 x 300 mm. (3D-300)
- Loadable weight : 3 kg.
- Weight: 12 kg

Ordering information:

3D-300 FINEPCR Multi-shaker model 3D-300 with dual mat and hexagonal tool; 5stepangleadjustment300 x 300mm. platform,digital, 230V

Accessories for FMS3:

FT302 Universal plate for flask holders
CP50 50ml. flask holder
CP100 100ml. flask holder
CP250 250ml. flask holder
CP500 500ml. flask holder
FT302-50-13 Platform with clamps to hold 13 x 50ml. flasks (with mounting knobs)
FT302-100-13 Platform with clamps to hold 13 x 100ml. flasks (with mounting knobs)
FT302-250-8 Platform with clamps to hold 8 x 250ml. flasks (with mounting knobs)
FT302-500-5 Platform with clamps to hold 5 x 500ml. flasks (with mounting knobs)
FT302-MP4 Rack for microtitre plates (capacity 4)


DM-F3 Dual mat for 3D-300
HT-F Hexagonal angle adjustment tool