Boeco S-200 Visible and S-220 UV / Visible Range Scanning Spectrophotometers

Boeco S-200 Visible and S-220 UV / Visible Range Scanning Spectrophotometers


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Compact, lightweight and inexpensive instruments

The Boeco S-200 (VIS) and S-220 (UV/VIS) spectrophotometers arehigh quality, compact, low cost measurement systems for dailyanalysis in education, QC and basic research. 

Compact single beam optics with full range scanning
The single beam optics are compact and bench saving. The long lifeHamamatsu Xenon lamp optics in the S-220 ensure quick and reliable performance and the Tungsten Halogen lamp used in the S-200 also provide a reliable measurement.

Colour touch screen
The intuitive colour touch screen operation provides simple accessto an extensive range of functions. The touch screen is sensitive to astylus and laboratory gloves. Icon driven on-board softwareimproves accessibility and the graphical display allows spectrum or standard curve to be shown on the screen. The forward and back quick key allos the user to provide or swiftly return to the process. An enlarged data display for photometry measurement makes result reading easier.

Various measurement modes
Operation modes include photometric, multiple wavelength analysis, spectrum scanning, time scan and kinetics; direct concentration results are included.

Optional accessories
A variety of optional accessories are available such as test tube holder, flow cell with sipper, temperature control holder, long path length cuvette holder and multiple cell holder to enhance different application needs.

Storage and data output
External storage with SD card and free downloadable PC software MasterReport ( allows data export to PC in compatible text or spreadsheet format for further data processing in the PC.Method and result storage is almost unlim ted by exchanging SD card when needed. Printer options are available for direct result printing with graphics.

Validation function
To ensure optimum instrument performance, self diagnosis functions are equipped in GLP/GMP feature for performance validation and auditing.
Model S-200 Visible S-220 UV/Visible
Wavelength range  320 to 1100nm.   190 to 1000nm. 
Spectral Bandwidth  6nm.   5nm.
Transmittance accuracy   ± 0.5% T (NIST 930 filter)   ± 1% T (NIST 930 filter) 
Transmittance repeatability  0.2% T  0.5% T
Baseline flatness  ± 0.002 Abs (500nm.)  ± 0.005 Abs (200-990nm.)
Noise level  ≤ 0.001 Abs (500nm.) ≤ 0.001 Abs (250nm.)
Baseline stability   ≤ 0.001 Abs/h. (500nm.) (after 2 hour warm-up)  ≤0.001 Abs/h. (250nm.) (after 2 hour warm-up)
Stray light   ≤0.5% T   ≤0.5% T  
Wavelength controlled variable  0.2nm.  0.2nm. 
Wavelength accuracy  ±1nm.  ±2nm.
Wavelength repeatability ≤0.5nm.  ≤1nm.
Wavelength scan speed 240nm./minute (0.2 sampling interval without filter 300nm./minute (0.2 sampling interval without filter)
Wavelength move speed  to any specified position within 1 second  to any specified position within 1 second 
Absorbance  -0.3 to 1.999  -0.3 to 1.999 
Transmittance  0 to 199.9%  0 to 199.9% 
Spectrum scanning  Yes Yes
Concentration -300 to 1999 

-300 to 1999

Selectable resolution  -300 to 1999  -300 to 1999 
Selectable resolution  1, 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001  1, 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001 
Detector                                      Silicon diode                                                                 
Display screen  4.3 inch colour touch LCD screen
Printer  specified 80 column thermal printer (series port)
Metering mode  Single beam
Memory  SD card storage
Time scan Graphical and calculated concentration value
Analysis  Absorbance and wavelength of peaks and valleys
GLP  Real time clock and calendar, Self Diagnosis
Dimensions  400W x 280D x 160H mm.
Power requirements  AC, 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption  100VA
Communication ports  Serial interface connects thermal printer
  USB port connects PC 
  SD card port saves data and measurement methods
 Weight   4 kg.
Ordering information:
Ordering information:               
BOE 8620000 Boeco Model S-200 Visible spectrophotometer, single beam with full range scanning and  colour touch screen operation. Supplied with 10 x 10 mm. cuvette holder   
BOE 8620000  Boeco Model S-220 UV/Visible. spectrophotometer, single beam with full range scanning and  colour touch screen operation. Supplied with 10 x 10 mm. cuvette holder   

BOE 8620005   Test tube holder (only for S-200)  
BOE 8622004
Rectangular long-path cuvette holder for cuvettes with 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 mm. path length  
BOE 8620003   Micro-cuvette holder  
BOE 8620020
Flow cuvette holder, incl. quartz glass flow cuvette of 150μl                                                                                             
BOE 8620030 
Set of Auto sample sipper and Flow cuvette holder with quartz glass flow cuvette of 150μl.          
BOE 8622040
Electronic thermostat (peltier element) TC cuvette holder (only for S-220)
BOE 8620050 Automatic 5 position cuvette holder
BOE 8620060 
Thermal printer

BOE 8620001 Tungsten Halogen lamp (for S-200) 
BOE 8622001  
Xenon lamp module (for S-220)